Analysis of radionuclides in environmental samples


LiBO2 fusion.


90Sr and Pu nuclides have been determined in ground water samples originating from the survey wells of a nuclear power plant. Analytes have been pre-concentrated from 50-100 L of water using on-site ion exchange resin columns followed by the chemical separation according to Combined analytical procedure I and nuclear measurement. Detection limits as low as 0.1 mBq/L and 1 μBq/L were achieved for 90Sr and Pu nuclides i.e. 239,240Pu, and 238Pu, respectively. Elevated levels of 90Sr and Pu nuclides indicating leakage from the nuclear power plant have not been detected in the environment.

Background leveles of 129I, natural U isotopes, as well as those of 226Ra and 210Po have also been determined in ground water samples of a future nuclear waste depository. Combined analytical procedures I, II and III were followed. Activity concentrations of 238U, 235U, 234U, 226Ra and 210Po varied in the ranges typical for ground water samples. Local and temporal variations were high. The detection limit for 129I one of the most mobile fission products was around 1 μBq/L in case of 100 L of sample volume.

A rapid method for the determination of actinides in environmental samples under accidental conditions has been developed recently (see Combined analytical procedure IV).



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